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Scene 5 Questions

1. According to Teiresias, what is the “new calamity” that Creon has brought to Thebes? (Lines 25-31)
Because Polyneices had not been allowed to be buried, everyone is cursed due to this.

2. In lines 48 to 61, what does Creon accuse Teiresias of wanting from him?
Creon accuses Teiresias of wanting money from him.

3. What does Teiresias predict for Creon in lines 70-87? What crime has Creon committed to deserve this?
Teiresias predicts for Creon that his home would be cursed. He is killing Antigone.

4. What does the Choragus tell Creon that he must do to prevent this?
Creon must free Antigone and be able to get a tomb for

5. What is a Paean?
A Paean is a prayer asking the gods for help.

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